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European Solidarity Corps in High Schools

The association Bureau Information Jeunesse (BIJ) of Lorient is coordinating 3 ESC projects in high schools from the 01/09/2019 to the 30/06/2020.

You can find the full description of the 3 different projects in high school (high school in France = students between 15 and 18 years) :

- ESC in high school :
The volunteer will carry out his mission in high school, located in Lorient or Ploemeur, in southern Brittany.

- the volunteer will be able to raise awareness among high school students, other students and the staff of the high school about various subjects.
- activities : organization of exhibitions, cultural and artistic visits and also on others subjects
- if possible, animate a french workshop for pupils of the school.
- implement mutual assistance between high school students and students.
- assist students in difficulty according to their disciplinary skills.
- (s)he will also help pupils in their individual and collective international mobility projects.

Projects common to the various structures (highschool, YIC) involved in hosting a young person in ESC can be set up, with working time in common (project development, implementation and evaluation), which will represent opportunities for schools exchanges and an enriching opening.

Through his/her different missions, he/she will develop skills in various fields such as communication, taking initiatives, language learning, project leading…

La Paix high school, Saint-Louis high school and Colbert high school

Lorient and its suburbs are the 3rd biggest in Brittany after RENNES and BREST. Near the sea and in the Morbihan department, Lorient looks to the sea and is 1h40 from Rennes and Brest, 5h from Paris. The three universities gather 6.500 students.

Accommodation : The volunteers share accommodation with other EVS volunteers in Lorient.
The volunteer will have lunch in high school during working days and (S)he will receive a monthly budget for food to prepare his/her own meals.
The volunteer will have a bicycle and a subscription for the local bus services.

Training during the opportunity : To all ESC volunteers of our organisation is given the chance to participate to on-arrival training and med-term evaluation organised by the French National Agency for Erasmus + Youth.
The volunteers are expected to take part into a pre-departure training organized by their sending organisations before their arrival.
The volunteer will attend French language lessons (for the first 3 months)

This project is coordinated by the association Bureau Information Jeunesse Lorient. It’s a youth Information Center (YIC). Since 2012, the YIC of Lorient is also a sending and a coordinating organization for the young people taking part in the ESC program. 4 european volunteers will be hosted in Lorient during this period, as coordinating organisation the YIC of Lorient, meeting between volunteers will be planed and they will have opportunity to create small projects together.

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