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Mise à jour lundi 22 juillet 2019, par Maïwenn

The association Bureau Information Jeunesse (BIJ) of Lorient is welcoming an ESC volunteer for a project from the 01/10/2019 to the 31/05/2020.

The European Service will take place in the Youth Information Center of Lorient during 8 months.
The volunteer will participate to the various usual projects of the BIJ, particularly those related to international topic (Mobility, culture, Europe…). She/He will organize some events, communicate on social media, produce some resources for the international sector, create videos…

Tasks :
The volunteer’s missions will mostly concern the international range of activity of our association. Therefore, in line with his project and his motivation, he/she may :
- Organize international evening like Cafés globe-trotters : it is a cafe where young person exchange and share their experience abroad, we have also specific café dedicated to ESC.
- Produce international resources (brochures, posters, internet broadcast…)
- Use the social medias to communicate about activities of the YIC.
- Produce video spots on the activities of the YIC and disseminate through the different Web interfaces
- Participate in the promotion of the Erasmus+ program and the ESC. The volunteers will also be involved into special meetings for support youth willing to go abroad through the EVS program in order to share their own experience or to provide some advice.
- Promote European citizenship and mobility : given our involvement in European projects, the volunteer may participate in shows, forums and other events in which YIC is often presented
- We would like our volunteer to set up a link between all volunteers in Lorient, ESC and not, in order to develop projects and activities together, and also relationship useful for the free time (travel, go out, events etc.)
- The volunteer will have time to work on personal projects, after a phase of adaptation and discovery of the structure and the region.

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